Milton Boys Lacrosse, Milton GA

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U9This is Youth Lacrosse for grades K-3. It is 7x7 on a youth field (50yd x 30yd), and one pass is required in order to score. K-1 does not have a goalie, grades 2-3 have a player goalie. 

U11, U13, U15This is Feeder Lacrosse for grades 4-8. It is 10x10 full field (110yd x 60yd) and it has various restrictions around stick and body checking based on age group.


Fall Lacrosse
In the Fall, we host teams of players in grades K through 8*. Ours teams compete in the Newtown Recreation League. With over 3,800 players and 185 teams from across North Georgia, Newtown is one of the largest youth lacrosse leagues in the country.

The focus of the Fall season is development of critical skills and enjoyment of the game. Playing time amongst players is roughly equal. If multiple teams will exist in the same age group, we will divide up the players to make evenly skilled teams. A skills assessment may be necessary to finalize rosters depending on enrollment.

Spring Lacrosse

The Spring Lacrosse season is significantly larger than the Fall. In the Spring, Milton Boys Lacrosse operates two separate programs.

Just like the Fall season, we operate a recreation league for all players in grades K through 8*. These teams will compete in the Newtown Recreation League.

Middle School players have the option to try out for the Select (or Feeder) League. Players wanting to play in the Select League must demonstrate superior lacrosse skills in order to be placed on the roster. Once on the team, no playing time is guaranteed. Playing time is earned based on performance, conduct, sportsmanship, and maintaining the skill level originally demonstrated to make the team. There are two Select teams. Junior Select can have players from grades 6 and 7. Senior Select can have players from grades 7 and 8. Select Teams compete in the Newtown Select Lacrosse League against other Select programs in the North Georgia area. There are additional costs associated with playing in the Select Program. There is also a requirement to live in the Milton High School zone.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can sign up for Milton Boys Lacrosse?
Boys in grades 2-8 are eligible to play in our program. US Lacrosse rules will dictate what level each player is placed in based on age. For middle school "select" teams, you must be live in the Milton High School district.  (1st grade players are allowed to register on a per season basis based on league make up.  We post 1st grader eligibility during registration periods.)

2. Are teams age based, grade based, or do they use some other basis?
Traditionally, our teams are grade based. The leagues we play in frequently evaluate the recommendations by US Lacrosse and may change this format in the future.

3. When is the lacrosse season?
Lacrosse is played year-round. Milton Boys Lacrosse operates programs in the Fall and Spring seasons. See the program overview above for more information on the make-up of each season. Players in the Milton area can also play summer lacrosse in a variety of summer travel programs.

4. Is lacrosse experience necessary?
No experience is necessary! Everyone in grades 1 though 8 who wants to play lacrosse will be placed on a team no matter what level of experience they have playing lacrosse.

5. Are there try-outs?
No player is ever turned away from our program due to skill. Assessments may be used to help create equally skilled teams in the Fall and Spring recreation programs. An assessment is required to be considered for the Spring Select League. Assessment dates for Spring Select are announced in October when registration opens.

6. Do we have to live in Milton to play in Milton Boys Lacrosse?
The recreation league has no residency requirements however we must charge a $60 non-resident fee to anyone living outside the City of Milton. The Select League requires that you live in the Milton High School attendance zone.  

7. When is registration?
Registration for the Fall season typically opens on May 1st each year and will close mid-August just prior to first practice.
Registration for the Spring season opens on October 1st each year and will close on October 31 for those seeking a spot on a Select Team. Recreation league registration will continue through January 15.
Registrations may be accepted after these dates based on available space.

8. How much does the season cost?
Fees for each season can change from season to season due to changing costs. We post fees for each season when registration opens.

9. What does the registration fee include?
Registration covers per player league fees, per player City of Milton pass through fees, and fees for the Milton Lacrosse program that cover our expenses like coaches stipends, scholarships, coaches equipment, clinics, and other program costs.

10. Are there additional costs?
Every player must also have a valid US Lacrosse Membership which costs $35.  Non City of Milton residents will be charged a $60 non-resident fee.

11. How do I get a US Lacrosse Membership?
You can go directly to the US Lacrosse website ( and click Membership / Join Today / First Time.  The link is also available in our "Resources" section above.

12. I can't remember my US Lacrosse number. How do I find it?
Go to the US Lacrosse website ( and click on Membership / Already a Member / Returning.

13. Is a uniform provided?
New players, or players needing a replacement uniform, will need to order a uniform pack for an additional fee. The uniform pack includes a jersey and shorts. We will no longer change uniform design from season to season so you are welcome to keep your uniform and reuse it as long as the uniform fits properly and is in wearable condition. Given how fast most of the players grow, please do not plan to get more than two seasons out of a uniform.  

14. When do we receive the uniform?
A uniform fitting date and time will be announced as we get closer to the start of each season.

15. What equipment does my son need to purchase?
All players must purchase and provide their own equipment. Required equipment: Helmet, mouthguard with tether, shoulder/chest pads, elbow pads, gloves, athletic cup, cleats (lacrosse or football), and a complete stick. Do not purchase a "youth stick" and Defensive Sticks should not be purchased before understanding US Lacrosse stick length rules by age group. You may wish to consider purchasing a "starter kit" for younger players that are new to the sport. These will typically save you money and provide key pieces of equipment needed to play. Examples of starter kits can be found here:

16. Where can we purchase equipment?
You can purchase equipment from a variety of local stores and online merchants. Dick's Sporting Goods and LaxWorld (Roswell) have stores locally that stock youth lacrosse equipment. Online stores include,,,, and the online sites of LaxWorld and Dicks.

17. When does the season start?
For Fall, practices will usually start in mid-August.
For Spring, practices for the Select League will usually start in mid-January and practices for the Recreation League will usually start in the first week of February.
We do not get exact start dates from our league until 2-3 weeks prior to the estimates listed above.

18. What night are practices? What time?
There are typically two practices per week and they usually fall on Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs. Friday is often used as a make-up night in case of weather related cancelations during the week. Practices are typically 60-90 minutes depending on age group. Younger players will start earlier in the evening (4pm-6pm). Older kids will practice later in the evening. Due to numerous programs sharing the practice space, our practice nights and times will not be determined by the league until several weeks prior to the start of each season. Until we receive the final schedule, we can not tell you when practices will be held.

19. Where are practices held?
There are two locations for practices.  The recently purchased facility on the corner of Cox Road and Arnold Mill Road (formally Wall 2 Wall Sports) and Bell Memorial Park off of Thompson Road.  (15245 Bell Park Rd, Milton GA 30004)

20. When is the first game?
The first game in the Fall is usually the first weekend in September.
The first game for Spring Select is usually the third weekend in February.
The first game for Spring Recreation is usually the first weekend in March.
We will not know the exact game schedule until approximately 2 weeks prior to the first game.

21. When and where are the games?
Games are typically scheduled during the weekend and can be anywhere from early morning Saturday through Sunday evening. Games are sometimes scheduled during the week or moved to a week night due to cancelations. In these cases, we normally would only hold one practice that week. Our home field is Bell Memorial Field. Away games are typically no more than 30 minutes away, with most being 10-15 away.

22. How long is the season?
You should expect the Fall season to go through the first weekend in November and the Spring season to go through the second weekend in May. Until the final game schedule is released, we can't give you a specific end date.

23. What if my son plays other sports?
We understand that almost every sport's season overlaps slightly with another sport's season. In general, we find that conflicts typically are "pre-season" where the start of our practices could conflict with an existing active season of another sport that is ending. As such, if our season starts and your son is in another sport that might overlap 1-2 weeks with our start, please inform your coach and we will accommodate any conflicts you might have. Once our games start, we expect 100% participation from all players and should you sign up for another sport, it is not an acceptable absence to go to that sport and skip lacrosse commitments.

24. Are you associated with the City of Milton or with Milton High School?
Our program is not formally associated with either the City of Milton or Milton High School. The City of Milton does not operate their own boys lacrosse program. Because of this, two independent, private, not for profit programs have formed to serve Milton residents - Milton Boys Lacrosse and Cambridge Youth Lacrosse. Milton Boys Lacrosse works closely with the Milton High School boys lacrosse program and their booster club on many program facets. Since many of our players will eventually play for Milton High School, we feel it's important to align our two programs as much as possible.